Profile - Edward

Edward Waldvogel


Ed is a real estate professional with a love for development. As the President of Nuterra, Ed serves a vital role in determining the company’s direction. Thanks to his capable leadership and business savvy, he is able to ensure Nuterra’s systems are in place to effectively grow the organization while maintaining financial strength and operating efficiency. Ed collaborates with the partners to design and implement business strategies that enhance Nuterra’s vibrant company culture and future success.

He has assembled and directed teams of real estate professionals including architects, engineers, and contractors during his many years in the industry. With the support of competent and hardworking teams, Ed has had the privilege to lead national clients such as Starbucks, First Industrial Realty Trust, Buzz Oates, and Chipotle in meeting their store development goals.

Ed is a proud Aggie and a Ute. He received his bachelor's degree in finance from Utah State University and a master’s degree in real estate development from the University of Utah. Hailing originally from Los Angeles, Ed, his wife Madison, and their four children root for the Dodgers and play baseball together. He also enjoys golfing, boating, traveling, and playing tennis.